Raizana Tea

Raizana Tea The Mission Pablo from The Raizana Tea Company wanted a new look for his line ofย 14ย wellness andย sippingย teas. He asked me to come up with an updated look for the labels and find new packaging toย match, all in time for the Fresno Food Expo. I was also entrusted with designing his companyโ€™s advertising postcards,… Read More

Urban Health

Urban Health Info A healthy food store in Saudi Arabia. Services Visual Identity Design Instagram @urbanhealthksa Read More

Kyoku Records

Kyoku Records The Story Have you ever had a great idea spawn over a late night of drinking, only to forget it the next morning? Kyoku Records was such a notion, coming to fruition during a sakรฉ-filled evening between two friends. This particular idea stuck in their minds until the next morning, and a unique… Read More