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The Mission

Dave Sheffield, the founder of Buffalo BottleCraft,
wanted his most recent product launch
to really take off.

He approached me to design his company’s logo,
as well as business cards to showcase it on.

Most importantly, he wanted to launch a new
Shopify store to sell the PuckOpener – unique
bottle opener made from real hockey pucks.

The Execution

Working directly with Dave, I designed Buffalo BottleCraft’s logo, inspired by old-fashioned store signs.
In reference to the company’s name, location, and the ruggedness of its products, I used a buffalo
as the centerpiece of the design.

When his local photographer failed to deliver the stellar pictures needed for the new website,
he asked me to step in and shipped a box of Buffalo BottleCraft merchandise across the ocean
from Buffalo, NY to my office in Warsaw.
My studio’s old wooden desk and burgundy wall provided the background for the photos
and the accent color for the website, adding to the brand’s atmosphere of old-fashioned
workmanship and handcrafted quality.