In a world where first impressions are so fleeting,
great brand design adds real value to your products
and services by creating a powerful and lasting impact
on your clients

Take charge of how the world sees your business



About me

My name is Wojciech and I am the creative mind behind Mus Designs.
I create fresh, contemporary and lasting designs
for small businesses and startups.

I work with agencies and clients who understand the importance of high quality design and value the impact a stunning visual identity has on their business.[/three-columns][three-columns]

My Mission

Mus Designs exists to make great designs available
to those who may not be able to work with a large agency, but don’t want to compromise on the quality
of the look and feel of their business.

Whether you know exactly what you are shooting for, or are looking for guidance on the impression you want to make, together we will create unique designs that communicate clearly what your brand is all about.[/three-columns][three-columns]

my stats

[bargraph percentage=”100″]Successful launches[/bargraph][bargraph percentage=”90″]Rocket Fuel Efficency[/bargraph][/three-columns][/columns]


[columns][two-columns][iconbox type=”right” icon=”globe” heading=”1. DISCOVERY”]During this initial stage we get to know one another.
My primary goal here is to understand what you need and what you want to achieve with your designs to ensure success. [/iconbox][/two-columns][two-columns][iconbox type=”left” icon=”rocket” heading=”2. EXPLORATION”]I dive into your products and services.
I take a look at your industry and your competition to understand how to make you stand out successfully with a visual identity.[/iconbox][/two-columns][/columns]


[columns][two-columns][iconbox type=”right” icon=”lamp” heading=”3. PROTOTYPING”]At this stage I begin prototyping your designs. I start with concepts and ideas and refine these through step-by-step consultations
with you until the concept is solid.[/iconbox][/two-columns][two-columns][iconbox type=”left” icon=”star-empty” heading=”4. design”]Once we have narrowed down what design works best for you and your brand, I execute and refine the concepts you have chosen. You’ll see a polished version of your design.[/iconbox][/two-columns][/columns]


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